A Window Tint For All Seasons!

Some people think that a window tint is only for the summer months. One reason that they put off having one done, is because they fear the room they want to shade in the summer heat may become too cold in the winter, or maybe it will be dark.

This is a common belief, https://www.edmwindowtinting.ca in Edmonton, Canada, who install window tints, will be very used to hearing about. It is also completely unfounded.

Modern window tints control the temperature in a room, no matter what the time of year. The regulatory effect that they have on the room’s temperature is similar to that of having a drape in on the window – it will make it warmer in the winter by sealing in the heat in the room, but in summer it can block the heat of the sun’s rays, making it cooler. The best of both worlds, in other words.

But window tints come with another advantage, they also don’t hamper the view from a window.

Unlike drapes or blinds, which have to remain drawn or closed, in order to preserve the heat or the coolness in a room, window tints do not obstruct your enjoyment of the view.

This is a major reason that customers choose tints over simply pulling a blind down and blocking out all the sunlight in a room.

But temperature control is not the only reason for choosing window tints – no matter what the time of year is. There are many others!


UV rays do not magically stop when they come in through a pane of glass. They can still come in through the window and if you have a room with a lot of glass and in direct sunlight, especially if it is one that you like to sit in, then this might be a problem.

It can be an issue for your skin, as UV rays are carcinogenic. If you have, for example, a conservatory, you might not want to have to wear sun protection indoors, but unfortunately, that is what you might end up having to do in order to enjoy it safely.

A window tint can help minimize the effects of UV rays. But it is not only your skin which can benefit. There are also the soft furnishings, which will thank you for shielding them from the harmful effects of UV sun rays.

Drapes, couches, chairs, carpets, rugs… anything in short, that gets in the way of the sunlight pouring in from the window can end up being faded, quite badly, from the UV rays. This can be annoying, as there seems like there is no real way of guarding against it.

However, there is, when you install a tinted window film. And generally, the darker the tint, the more protection this will give both you and your furniture!

And just in case you were wondering, UV rays do not stop with the summer time, they continue to be an issue throughout the winter sun, the only real difference is that you are not getting the exposure for the same length of time.

There are other reasons for having your windows tinted. If you have a front facing room, then privacy may be a concern. This is something that affects you both in the summer months and the winter ones alike – and it is something that can definitely be remedied by installing a window tint. People will not be able to see inside your home as easily, as simple as that!

So, as you can see, having your windows tinted protects against heat, cold, privacy and UV rays, regardless of the time of year.